Rental Policies

Rental Periods

  • 2 hour = 2 hour is Time out;  4 hours = 4 hours is Time out; Day = up to 24 hours time out and up to 8 hours on the equipment meter.
  • Weekly rate is based on 7 days time out up to 40 hours on metered equipment.
  • Monthly rate is based on 4 weeks time out and up to 160 hours on metered equipment.


  • Required at the time rental item is picked up. We accept Visa and Master Card.
  • Charge customers – payment is due within 30 days of the return date. Interest will be charged at 18% per annum or 1.5% per month on unpaid balances.
  • $25.00 Return Check Fee.

Metered Equipment

  • Rates for rental equipment with hour meters are based on 8 hours per day; 40 hours per week; and 160 hours per month.


Please call for item availability and reservations.


  • Prices are subject to change. Please call for price quotes. All rental charges are for time out, whether used or not.

Cleaning charge

  • We charge $25.00 per hour if we have to clean the equipment after your use

Delivery and Pickup

  • Delivery and pickup are available for very reasonable rates. Please call for the charge for your specific location.